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Alex and Ilona Kravt








tel. +358 44 3732537, Finland


We are Alex and Ilona Kravt, living in Jyvaskyla - "The Heart of Finland". Our first purebred dog was Afghan Hound, who was our companion for 16 years. After he passed away we decided to choose some shorthaired Moloss and after many researches our choice was amazing breed Cane Corso Italiano. Corsos are part of our life since 2000 and Dogue De Bordeaux since 2003. We don't keep our dogs separated or kenneled, they are living with us as companions and friends.

In 2006 by Finnish Kennel Club and FCI was registered kennel name Maxento. We are continuing the representing of those two breeds in Finland, also in other Nordic countries. We are importing breeding dogs from worth bloodlines and exporting results of our breeding to other countries. All our Cane Corsos are from pure Italian bloodlines only, with excellent health and extremely strong psychic.

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